Content & Mobile first Movements

Time has taught me that content should not be an afterthought.

Content strategy should be the first thing any design team works on. It needs to be a systematic and thoughtful approach to surfacing the most relevant, effective and appropriate content to meet users needs.


01. Content-first

“Design without content is just decoration” Content should be the number one design strategy. However, all too ofter we design a page with filler text and expect it all to make sense in the end. The more complex the interface the more thought should be put into the text first.

02. Universal-first

Now that we’re forced to be device-agnostic, it’s wise to design to tablet first. Designing and writing a rich experience at 320px width creates too churn, now I design ‘universal first’ aiming to design modular systems that maximize the experience on each screen.

03. Have Fun

We all work because it’s what we have to do. But when we stay positive and enjoy the creation process, we often create a buzz that allows shields to lower and personalities to come out. That’s when amazing ideas come to life. So fall in love with your work. Become highly skilled at what you do. Ingenuity will thrive and the quality of your work will allow your life to become richer.


Just a helpful checklist (brain dump) of online strategies for modern day web experiences.


Simple & Clean Design

We all want our experiences to be impressive. So if starting from fresh has you stumped… borrow an experience you like and make it better.

User Customization

A newer idea in the web world is user controlled layouts. Great disruptive design is typically focused on what the user wants and who knows their needs better?


In times where “everything is possible” all of our experiences should be accessible by the masses. Another new trend is to allow your page content and colors to be altered for all to enjoy.

Brief Tutorials

Very often users want and need an extra walkthrough of anything new or what’s recently changed. Videos and interactive demos are a great way to clearly teach users ‘what’s new’.

Clean Code

Our code should be lean for faster page load times and ready for serious challenges. Old versions of IE and dumb phone users should not be abandoned. Good performance is good design.


Any site should have the ability to switch the content to support another language or support one-off experiences for foreign users to enjoy as well.

Add Supportive Bling

Sometimes words are just not enough. Adding in a supportive visual helps the user engage with your interface. Picture = 1,000 words.

Icon Fonts

Any actionable control that’s reused in your experience should become an icon font. The scalable SVG icon fonts can keep your load times lean, pages scalable and revisions easier.

Writing Micro Chunks

Making sure your content is ready to travel is a good idea because your users may never even enter your site. Bot traffic is up 61.5%. Non-human traffic is becoming just as important as human traffic.